Nick Maltagliati

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Nick Maltagliati is a queer, interdisciplinary artist working in painting, drawing, mixed media, and installation. He is proud of being mixed race and integrates his ethnicity, sexuality, and mental state into his practice. He is a Bay Area native and has received his BA at San Francisco State University. Nick is a former studio artist at Root Division. He is now represented by The Drawing Room and works as their Operations Manager. He works and lives in San Francisco.

“For this project, I wanted to focus on the introspection I experienced during this time of uncertainty. My heavy line use is an abstract language I invented as a way to dispel negative internal thoughts, and I have concluded that this process has become my own form of therapy. I rely on biomorphic entities to quell my quiet struggle, hoping the plant-like and landscape-inspired compositions relieve me from spiraling into heavy thought.”

Venmo: @badlycutpasta