Melissa Wang

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Venmo: @melissa-wang-art

Melissa Wang is a self-taught artist. She taught and researched science-fiction as a PhD candidate before segueing into tech. In late 2019, she quit her job to pursue art as a means of inspiring social and ecological liberation. Since then, she has exhibited nationally at Woman Made Gallery, Kala Art Institute and the de Young Museum with a forthcoming solo exhibition at Root Division (Frank-Ratchye space). Currently, she is a studio artist at Root Division in San Francisco.

“No words sum up how I felt more aptly than Sarah Sze’s interview in Ocula:

Throughout history, artists have worked through crises, and I think an artist in many ways always makes the record of their time, and of the humanity in their time. What I’m trying to help my students at Columbia with is to process what it is to be human in this moment. What it is to be human in this moment is so surreal, and so extreme, that the work that could come out of it—even if we don’t understand what we’re making as artists now—could be such an interesting and important historical document. We have literally walked off a cliff—we’re in freefall, and we’ll only understand it in retrospect.”