Kacy Jung

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Venmo: @Kuo-Chen-Jung

“Hi I am Kacy Jung, born and raised in Taiwan! I had worked in biomedical research facilities for many years before I switched to art. My work focuses on exploring novel printing materials to make photo-sculptures. I am a big fan of analyzing how capitalism shapes collective human behavior, class consciousness, and self-identity through my works of printable fabric, resin, and distorted human figures.

Since last year, I have been working on a project called “21 Grams-The Weight of Souls,” where I interview and photograph the artists who had left their previous professions for being an artist. I want to create a catalog of untold stories of the middle class and shed light on the power of art. 

I am the Harlan Jackson Diversity Scholarship, the 2020 Headlands Affiliate Artist Program, and the Chashama North International Artist Residency Program awardee. My work has been shown or collected at Hastings College, the Berkeley Art Museum, the de Young Museum, multiple galleries, and private collections across the country.”