Pandemic Journal

Curated by Melissa Wang and Alicia McDaniel

Pandemic Journal is an exhibition that showcases the collaborative and traveling sketchbook of five bay area artists. It features 24 personal drawings and notes that respond to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. From powerful, saturated abstractions to whimsical, delicate representations, this exhibition showcases the diversity of the artists and their different experiences.

“We initiated this project as a way to practice art and capture the quotidian in unprecedented times. The work blossomed in thoughtful and intimate ways, addressing topics of food, land, climate change and politics. Passed on from artist to artist, these drawings range from watercolor sketches to ink doodlings to pastel portraits, but are interlinked by their sense of contemplation, nostalgia and playfulness. The project began as a way to maintain our artistic practices and ended up as a collective archive of our hopes and longings during the pandemic.”