Courtney Griffith

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Venmo: @Courtney-Griffith

Courtney Griffith is a San Francisco based artist originally from San Diego, California. She studied painting at Santa Clara University, California, and Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. In addition to a degree in fine arts, she also has a degree in mathematics. Many see the two fields of study as opposites, but she sees them as similar in the sense that they both deal with abstract thinking. Griffith is primarily interested in exploring the concept of ephemerality. through images of decomposition and the use of natural dyes, handmade paints, and canvases. Her most recent work attempts to deconstruct archival painting traditions through the lens of ephemerality and sustainability.

“During the pandemic, there is no shortage of opportunities to view artwork. There are plenty of virtual exhibitions and artwork is constantly shared via social media. The Pandemic Journal Collaboration provided me with something I didn’t know I was missing, the opportunity to experience and share artwork in the physical realm. There is a certain realness and intimacy that comes from experiencing art in person that feels fundamentally human.”