About MacC Robertson

Hi, I’m MacC, a physics graduate student and digital artist. Speaking candidly, my start in digital art stems from the combination of a bird-like fixation with shiny colorful things along with the unfortunate need to feel like I’m always productive/producing resulting from years of schooling. When I draw, my main inspiration amounts to “things that will make me happy to look at later.” I’ve doubled down on this philosophy in the form of getting a bunch of my art tattooed on me, so here’s hoping that “later” extends for the entirety of my life.

In general I prefer drawing smaller pieces, things that usually take an hour or two, so as to accommodate both short spurts of creative energy as well as the desire for the instant-gratification of seeing and posting a finished piece. Most of my work exists solely online, but my prefered method of display is on glossy metal prints. I am working towards being able to fund enough prints to do exhibits in-person, maybe something with some free wine, everyone loves free wine.

I also dabble in semi-education pieces, specifically an in-progress series about a penguin that shows off the nobel prizes in physics, focusing on the science rather than the oftentimes sketchy people behind it.

If you’re interested in my work or a commission, feel free to reach out, I love meeting new people!

Venmo/ Paypal/ Cash App: @MacCallum-Robertson